The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)

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The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) is the main political instrument to develop common policies at EU level.

These policies have to be coherent with the objectives of the EU and with the priorities adopted by the Commission and supported by the large majority of the EP.

The EU institutions have the duty to introduce an amount of own resources able to implement these priorities on the basis of the article 311 TFEU.

The EP has declared that it can’t accept a MFF inconsistent and ineffective with these priorities.

The European Movement in Italy strongly supports this declaration and the demand of the European CSOs to increase the amount of European projects in the fields of participatory democracy, social dimension and human rights.

For these reasons we have asked the EP

- To maintain its demand of a quinquennial MFF, respecting a democratic and economic approach
- To promote a Conference/Agora of European CSOs on the eve of the final vote of MFF
- To invite the national Parliaments to an extraordinary meeting of the interparliamentarian “Assises” having on the agenda the MFF, the decision on the new own resources and a plan to transform the EU in a fair, resilient and democratic Federal Community opening the way of the Conference on the future of Europe.


Pier Virgilio Dastoli