The activities of Agorà Europe

  1. Creation of an Academic database that will be published online and think thank of the most relevant professional profiles related European matters and politics (Professors, Doctors, Researchers, Experts at national and European level);

  2. Setting up the Agora Europe to foster structured and permanent interdisciplinary dialogue among the academic world and institutions within the Agora coordinated by the CIME through the organization of three annual Agora Europe conference. 

  3. Implementation of the “Europe in your University” initiative through the organization of three thematic University seminars per year (9 seminars) in three different Italian universities and one webinar per year with the involvement of Agora Members;

  4. Promotion and creation of the Italian Network of Knowledge on European Studies which will develop didactic and research activities on European issues after the end of the project; 

  5. Dissemination will be assured through a section devoted to the Agora Europe project in the CIME website, www.movimentoeuropeo.eu; the Unieuropa newsletters (twice a year) will be diffused to more than 2.000 Italian institutional representatives and other Italian organizations as well as to the national Committees of the European Movement-International. An education platform will assure the availability of documentation and didactic material for the Agora Members, universities and university students participating at the project activities.


The activities of the "Academic Agora for the future of Europe" project are inspired by the principles and values ​​of the Movimento Europeo Italia; in particular, they take their cue from the "Documento di lavoro: Proposte del Movimento Europeo sul futuro dell’Europa Un progetto, un metodo, un’agenda" and from the decalogue "Un patto dell'Italia nell'Unione Europea:  Decalogo per un'Europa unita solidale e democratica”. These documents are the result of reflections shared between the group of leaders of the organization and members of the Academic Council of the Movimento Europeo Italia, created with the aim of identifying and tracing the way to build the future of the European Union.


Appeal plublished by Movimeto Europeo-Italia on the newspapers of 26th June 2018 on the subject of a budget for the Eurozone.


Reflection and proposal document for Italian universities on the prospect of convening a "Conference on the future of Europe".


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