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May 22nd - Europe Ambitions 2030 event - ASVIS Festival 2019

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2019-05-22 09:30
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Unconventional alliances to unlock

May 22nd , 2019,
Rome, h. 9:30
Place of Venue – Luigi Sturzo institute - Via delle Coppelle, 35, 00186 Roma
Hosted by the European Movement – Italy, European Partners for the Environment, the Club of Rome
Recently briefed on the ‘ecological collapses’ feared by scientists and asked how she could be helped, Chancellor Merkel replied ‘build unconventional alliances’. Europe Ambition 2030 has presented a scenario 1+ which is based on innovative governance mechanisms to accelerate the European transformation.This Europe Ambition 2030 May 22nd meeting will address how to mobilise towards a ‘Transformed Europe’ and prepare an ‘European Youth Convention’ proposed to take place in July 2020.The morning will address a scenario ‘enhanced partnership through system leadership’ and how ‘unconventionalalliances’ with youth could unlock the present European situation .The afternoon will be organised by and for youth organisations to fix proposals in view of a European YouthConvention.
To attend the morning session, please register here.
Towards a European Youth Convention 2020
May 22nd , 2019,
Rome, h. 14:30
Place of Venue – Luigi Sturzo institute - Via delle Coppelle, 35, 00186 Roma
Youth gathering facilitated by ASvIS(It), GFE (It) , Visegrad for Sustainability, the Club of Rome
After the release of the new Commission proposed strategy by first half 2020, a European Convention of Young representatives (below 30) of Parliaments, Municipal Councils, Business, Trade Unions,Business schools, Universities and Colleges, Civil society movements including climate platforms, scouts and guides, faiths, and delegates from outside the EU would be hosted in the European Parliament.Social inclusion contributes to social cohesion. Social cohesion contributes to country performance and resilience whichis essential to manage the planetary challenges that humanity faces in our near-term future. Care is critical to contribute to a leap forward of humanity necessary to face planetary challenges by including those who havepreviously been marginalized and excluded.We see - with joy - young people changing cultural paradigms. Their understanding of capital and wealth in their livesas well as their responsibilities is changing. Young people are major users of the means of communication and large"migratory". In an aging world, they are the levers for transforming markets, finance and politics.Broader consultations should be made available to the young citizens of the European Union from now on to shapeand better design the European sustainable development strategy by taking into account the needs and visions of thefuture generations of the Union.
A European Youth Convention by July 2020 (EU German Presidency) potential mandate could be as follows :
1. Fix an action plan to be submitted to the European Council and European Parliament in view of legal value byend 2020 addressing
• A new Social Contract.
• Response to the cry of the earth and of the poor.
• Zero poverty, zero hunger, reduced inequalities, all living well within the limits of our planet.
2. Propose a new vision of the EU and its treaties.
Review EU Treaties and propose adaptations needed to be debated – or Constitution to be written - in the frameworkof a European Convention 2022 as well as the European ratification process.
To attend the afternoon session, please register here.
Apperllo di Europe Ambition 2030 (IT) "L'Agenda per un'Europa Sostenibile"

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  • 2019-05-22 09:30

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